Scan cPanel site for malware using cpGuard?

Here at Cyberin, security is most important consideration– that is the reason we automatically live scan find and delete malware from the server. mostly malware can be inserted by different way and might be answerable for defacing your site, sending mass mail or making harm your site content. You have to perform a full scan of your account to identify, and expel malware. To do this, you can.

1. Sign into cPanel, if you want to check your account

2. Go to Security > cPGuard

3. Under the** Virus Scanner** select Manual Scan, select whether you need to check only the public_html directory, or your whole account (which cover mail etc) – (suggested –scan only your public_html directory. if you get nothing at this point you still suspect there is malware, at that point scan the whole account).

4. Click on Run Scan

5. This will begin the scanning procedure, and will show the result below with Scan added to queue and status is Running while the scan finishes, you will have to revisit the plugin and check the scan result.

Important: Records thought to be 'suspicious' will automatically be 'nulled' (the permission changed to 000) and documents containing virus or malware will be placed in isolate (expelled from the record and moved to a sheltered area outside of the account).

Important: Accounts found to contain huge amounts of infected documents might be suspended automatically by our security software and check the scan result.

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