I am getting an 500 error on my site, what should I do?

If you are getting a 500 Internal Server Error on your site, as a rule, this is because of a PHP error/coding error or corrupted .htaccess file.

To analyze PHP errors on your site, you can check (either by means of the File Manager in cPanel, or through FTP/SSH) for records named 'error_log' under your public_html or respective folder of your files.


The folder of the document will by and large be the place the code is executed - for instance, on the off chance that you have encountered a 500 error on the landing page/file of your site, the error_log record will be under the public_html folder.

Assuming, as it may, you are just getting the 500 error in a specific catalog, (for example, wp-administrator for instance) at that point the error_log record will be situated in the public_html/wp-administrator directory.

Error logging when you are utilizing 'nginx' through CloudNS or Bolt Cache:

In the domain or directory that you are using our CLOUDNS or Bolt Cache modules and have changed to Native NGINX, at that point your PHP will be handled utilizing PHP-FPM.

All error will be logged to the accompanying index: /home/accountname/logs/file

the PHP errors logs will be: /home/accountname/logs/php_error_log

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