How do you create custom name servers

Using custom name servers you can use your own domain instead of our default values. Let's see how you can configure your own private name servers and use it for your client's website.

1: Create Glue Record (Host Names)

Go to your domain provider's site and find the option for hostname or child name servers for the domain name.

Every domain provider will have their own system, yet what you have to do is find a hostname on your domain DNS setting area and assign an IP address to that hostname for each of the name servers.

A hostname on a domain is the third level name. For example of a host name is ns1, adding this to our WHM you have to enter to the IP address of the server where this account is located.

You can find the IP details under your Reseller Hosting Welcome Email.

2: Add A records to your DNS Zone

Once you completed the process of registering our 2 custom name servers with your domain registrar, you need to add such IP's to our DNS zone as well. They would be entered as A records into the DNS zone section, make sure you point same IP for A records with correct name servers value.

Ex- ns1 and ns2

3: DNS Propagation

Once you completed the above steps, you should wait at least 12-24 hours to be sure that your DNS changes completely applied and propagated over the Internet.

Please enter a valid email address.

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