How do I change PHP versions or Configs?

Here at Cyberin, we use 'nginx' to apply reverse proxy to Apache, at that point the PHP itself is taken care of by a handler called "mod_lsapi".

Change PHP Verison using ClouDns:

  1. Select ClouDns plugin under Cpanel
  2. Select the Domain > Configuration option.
  3. Under Application Status select PHP instead of Proxy
  4. Select your default PHP version for the domain.

If you never used our 'CLOUDNS' module in cPanel to utilize full-nginx, at that point you will change your default configuration as referenced as attached video- this implies you would use the 'Select PHP Version' module in cPanel to modify the version of PHP you are running. You would likewise use the same module to configure the version for your application.

The most effective method to configure the Select PHP Version option under cPanel.

Watch below video tutorial to guide the process very quick in just few steps:

  1. You can find PHP Selector option under Select PHP version in cPanel features under Software.
  2. On the PHP Selector page you will see the right now choose PHP version- for a new hosting account, it will be the default version 7.0.
  3. You will get the drop down menu to select your required PHP version.
  4. After selecting the PHP version, you can choose modules available under the option check mark. In the above video you can see, they selected zip and rar.
  5. After that you just need to click on the 'Save' button, it will make the modules quickly accessible for the web application.
  6. On the upper right, there is a connection to PHP choices where end-clients can alter the most significant qualities.

How about we change the memory limit limit to 128Mb and post_max_size to 32Mb.

End clients do not need to modify any files like php.ini or htaccess manually - everything is done from the web interface.

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