Enabling Remote MySQL in the cPanel

Sign in to the Domain's cPanel interface and search for the section on the main page named Databases.

In the Databases section find the connection/button named Remote MySQL and click on it.

Under Add Access Host enter IP address or host address that you need to grant remote MySQL access to and afterward click the save button

If a host or IP address you want to delete from this list you can tap the 'Delete' button next to the entry in the list under Manage Access Hosts.

If you have made changes, additions or removal to the list you can return the primary page of the cPanel interface, or log out if you have no other work.

Important: We maintain the right to block all inbound MySQL connections so as to refuse attack to the mysqld service.if you , if you are incapable to connect ,don't mind please contact support that we can add your IP address to our whitelist.