How to install external SSL Certificate on cPanel

The SSL/TLS Manager will allow you to create SSL certificate, certificate signing requests, and private keys. These are large parts of utilizing SSL to make your site validation more secure. SSL allow you to make sure all your pages on your site keeping data itself no another hack or third party form are stealing the data, for example, logins, MasterCard numbers, and so forth are sent scrambled rather than plain content. It is critical to make sure about your web page's login regions, shopping zones, and different pages where delicate data could be sent over the web.

After login into your cPanel navigate to below:

(cPanel >> Home >> Security >> SSL/TLS)


As of cPanel and WHM form 68, we just help Transport Layer Security (TLS) convention adaptation 1.2. We only recommend TLSv1.2 for your record. We will only support applications that utilization TLSv1.2.


CAA records in the domain zone file limit which CAs (Certificate Authority) may give certificates for that domain. On the off chance that no CAA records exist for your domain, all CAs can give new record for that domain. In the conflict issue with CAA records as of now exist, remove the current CAA records or add a new record.

Let me share a example, a CAA record for Comodo would take after the accompanying model, where speaks to the domain name:

You can manage your CAA records through the [Zone Editor] For more data about a CA's necessities, read their documentation

Documents available:

The following records give more data about the areas of this interface:

Private Keys - KEY — Generate, see, transfer, or erase private keys.

**Signing Certificate Requests - CSR **— Generate, see, or erase SSL testament marking demands.

Authentications - CRT—Generate, see, transfer, or erase SSL testaments.

Introduce and Manage SSL for your site HTTPS — Set up a SSL authentication for the site.

Oversee Certificate Sharing—Change your site's testament sharing authorizations.

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