How can we Upload Website Files to our Hosting?

In order to upload your website files you can use any of the following options:

1) FTP Clients

You can use an ftp tool like FileZilla ,one of the easiest and most popular ones.

There are other options such as:



2) Access File Manager within your cPanel:

Most of the control panels like cPanel & Plesk offer tools like File Manager which helps you to manage your hosting files and folders of control panel.

More than 70 percent application using cPnael for their websites, that's why it's most popular control panel.

Never used cPanel? Let's read What is cPanel?

below are the instructions, to upload website files and folders using your cPanel control panel.

Document Root, a technical term,which should be familiar to you,it is the folder or the location in the server where you need to be uploaded your website files.

By default the document root of a website is /home/username/public_html on cPanel serevers, here username is the cPanel login user name. Note it that this is for the main domain of the account.

under one hosting by creating subdomains & addon domains,you can have multiple websites.

when you required to upload your web files to a addon or subdomain domain, make sure your upload such files to their document root folder.

The document root of subdomain and addon domain can be found by going as,

cPanel > Domains > Subdomains or cPanel > Domains > Addon Domains respectively.

In the subdomain and Addon domain page, you will find the list of domains and document root of it which will be specified for each of them.

How you can upload your Files in File Manager?

It is very easy to upload files to your site using the option File Manager in cPanel. Here are the steps to be followed:

  1. Log in to your cPanel.
  2. Click on File Manager under Files.
  3. Select Document root from the File Manager directory selection window.
  4. Click on Upload to upload files from your local system.
  5. Click on Browse to select files.( To add more files click on Add another upload box).
  6. Click on Back to /home/…/public_html after uploading completes.

The list of files under public_html folder, Shows your uploaded files.

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