Create custom ‘error pages’ in cPanel

Error pages display a message to your clients about issues when they try to get to your site. Every issue has its own status code (for example, 404) and error page. The web server directly gives basic error pages, however the Error Pages interface permits you to characterize custom error pages for any HTTP status code.

Customize an error page:

To edit an error page, following steps given below:

1. Login to your cPanel and under Advanced click on Error Pages. If more than one domain manages by this account.

2. Select the domain for which you wish to customize an error page from the Managing: menu.

3. Select the error status code for which you wish to customized its error page.

you don't see the error status code in that list, click the Show All HTTP Error Status Codes tab. At that point, click on the error status code.

4. Enter a message in the box.

To show data on the error page about the clients who got to your site, click the right buttons for data that you wish to show.

Enter additional HTML code to further edit your error pages.

5. Select Save.

Please enter a valid email address.

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